Stricter Qualifications Needed to Serve on Local School Boards of Education

Thousands of Americans today are in charge of as much as $742 million a year, even though they lack any formal education and do not have to pass any tests to get that power. More incredulous is the fact that they are also in charge of education, even though they themselves are not required to have even as much as a high school diploma.

This powerful position is membership on a local board of education, an office that can be gained through election or appointment. As a board member, you must decide how a huge amount of money will be spent each year.

Though eligibility requirements vary from state to state, most local school boards have the same general guidelines. Ohio is a typical example, where just a few basic items qualify you to serve on a school board.

The Buckeye state requires that a board member must be a U.S. citizen who is registered to vote and has lived in the school district at least 30 days before his election or appointment. Basically, if you can vote, you can serve on the school board.

While that qualification seems fair enough, consider the huge responsibility that comes with the position. In addition to overseeing the future leaders of our country, board members are in charge of millions of dollars every year.

School districts across the country average expenditures of $100 million, ten times that of most corporations. One Ohio school district spent a whopping $742,071,314 last year, and each transaction was authorized by people who lack any financial or educational qualifications.

For the last half century politicians have been implementing ways to reform education in America, most of which have been failures at the huge expense of taxpayers. It is troubling that no one has ever considered strengthening our schools by simply upgrading the qualifications for membership on boards of education.

The most essential added requirement should be a high school diploma which, fortunately, over ninety percent of school board members in Ohio have attained. That said, it should be one hundred percent.

Since a diploma does not always equal a successful high school career, board qualifications should also include at minimum an Associate’s Degree. That achievement indicates not only success in high school, but also some accomplishment at the college level.

Some proponents believe the qualifications should be even stricter, given the importance of the school board’s impact on education and society overall.

“It should be a requirement to have a teaching license to serve on ANY school board. This is like having the state Bar Association being run by people without any legal background, or the state Medical Board being run by people without any experience in medicine,” said Stateimpact.org. on its National Public Radio website. “Why do we believe that anyone can be educators or set education policy?”

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